I offer private one-to-one sessions with AcuEnergetics® Wellness Balances, Ayurveda Massages as well as Personal Yoga Training.

You can book these either individually or in combination with each other.


These carefully composed packages each have a specific focus and are deeply effective as their components are perfectly in tune with each other.


The Detox Package stimulates your body's natural cleansing processes and activates its own defense abilities while promoting a sense of relaxation and ease.

  • AcuEnergetics® Energy Liver Cleanse (90 mins.)
  • Ayurvedic massage focusing on detoxification (60 mins.)
  • Yin-Yang yoga sequence for liver and gallbladder (60 mins.)


 The Recharge Package is guaranteed to boost your energy level, strengthen your immune system and help you get back on track.

  • AcuEnergetics® Circulation of the light (90 mins.)
  • Ayurvedic massage with invigorating focus (60 mins.)
  • Yin-Yang yoga sequence for kidney and urinary bladder (60 mins.)


If you are looking to simply let go, and relax at a deep level the Rejuvenate Package is the right option for you. It restores your vital energy, calms your nervous system and leaves you feeling healthy and refreshed.

  • AcuEnergetics® Energy Lymph Drainage (90 mins.)
  • Ayurvedic massage with calming focus (60 mins.)
  • Yin-Yang yoga sequence for spleen and stomach (60 mins.)

Please contact me if you need any assistance or if you would like to make an appointment or request a house call.