Hello and welcome to my website. This is where I would like to share with you some of my training history and, more importantly, my motivation for working as a yoga teacher and healing artist.


My passion for both ancient and modern practices of balancing the overall energy of body, mind, and spirit for health and well-being was first sparked in 2002 when I started studying and teaching yoga in various places- including India, London, Berlin, Amsterdam, Tel Aviv, Crete and Sardinia.


When I discovered the modern treatment modality AcuEnergetics® in India in 2009, I immediately fell in love with it as it helped complement and expand my previous focus on an Ayurvedic approach to yoga and its inherent therapeutic potential. AcuEnergetics® was developed by an Australian, Kevin Niv Farrow, over the past 40 years and works with the bio-electrical system in the body to promote faster, natural healing to ease pain and improve physical and emotional health.


I see it as my mission to encourage people to develop more awareness for what their real needs are and take responsibility for how they approach life so they can let go of old restrictive patterns of thought and (re)action while opening up to their inner light and full potential.


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