Welcome! I'm delighted to have you here. I’d like to share a bit about my journey, my passion for yoga and holistic healing, and what motivates me as a yoga teacher and healing practitioner.


My passion for blending ancient and modern practices to balance the mind, emotions, body, and spirit for health and wellbeing began in 2002. I started studying and teaching yoga in various places- including India, London, Berlin, Amsterdam, Tel Aviv, Crete and Sardinia. Yoga, paired with Ayurveda, has been a core part of my journey, allowing me to train others and deepen my own understanding. 


When I discovered AcuEnergetics® in India in 2009, I immediately fell in love with it. This modern energy treatment modality instantly resonated with me. It taught me the importance of consciously connecting with my feeling sense, enabling me to address internal blockages gently rather than forcefully.


Astrology entered my life during a yoga retreat in Crete in 2002, but it wasn’t until 2020 that I started integrating it into my work. I now enjoy helping clients align their internal energy with cosmic currents to foster well-being and growth. I also explore this subject on my YouTube channel, Luminosity Yoga, https://www.youtube.com/@LuminosityYoga, and during workshops.


Encouraging myself and others to develop a deeper awareness of our true needs are and take responsibility for our lives motivates both my own personal journey as well as the work I offer.  Together, we can release old, restrictive patterns and uncover our inner light and full potential.


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